Portland-Heywood Lutheran Church

Practically God’s mission which we are involved in relies almost entirely on the offerings of members our congregation. When we give to God’s mission we are simply using what God has already given us for its intended purpose, to help others know God and connect to God. Each of us as members are called to give according to how we have been blessed. You are encouraged to follow biblical principles of giving by giving regularly, in proportion to your income and cheerfully. There are many ways to give and we encourage you to give in the following ways:

Give proportionally…


By transferring a set amount each week, fortnight or month direct into our congregations bank account from your pay or bank account. To give electronically arrange for a direct deposit from your account to: BSB 704942 Account 55270151

These are available from the desk in the foyer or the church office.

The first two ways help you give regularly without much hassle.

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