Portland-Heywood Lutheran Church

Every Member

Every time a member visits you, that is the church visiting you.   And every time you are visiting a member you are taking not just yourself but also the church. When we visit or meet others, we bring Christ to each other.

The Pastor

The pastor is responsible for overseeing the Spiritual care of the congregation, either by providing care directly himself or in most occasions by encouraging and equipping others to be carers. Currently his direct care is focussed on caring for members through worship, leaders through one on one meetings and training, young people and to those requesting specific care such as those in hospital or facing a specific problem in their life.  

Congregational Care Co-ordinator:

(We are currently in the process of recruiting for this position.)

Pastoral Carer at School

The school employees a Pastoral Carer through chaplaincy funding on a part time basis. The Chaplain coordinates chapel, assists teachers in caring for students especially in the area of behaviour management, assisting families and is an integral part of the link to the congregation.


Is responsible for care of the staff and overseeing both the Spiritual and Educational care at the school.

The Christian life involves one of caring and loving both other Christians and people beyond the Christian community from God’s perspective…

Check out Matthew 22:36-40, Matthew 25:31-46, 1 John 3:17-18

We provide care through…

Life Groups

They help people grow in ways that are more relevant to their situation and provide opportunities for people to develop closer relationships with each other. In addition, people who are part of a life group are in a good position to care for each other and others.  They already have developed closer relationships with each other.  As such, they are better able to respond to their life group members who need care.  

Ladies Guild

Apart from monthly gatherings, they also have an intentional visiting program that visits a large number of people each month.  These visits are primarily social and for encouragement.

Pastoral Assistants

Are primarily for caring for the pastor through prayer and encouragement and caring for others through visiting and encouraging worship attendance and visiting the sick.

Prayer And Loving Supports Group

PALS encourage Christ’s love and peace in the relationships amongst congregation members and work with those in conflict or dealing with offense. They are a taskforce for the Pastoral Assistants using biblical principles taught by LCA reconciliation ministry and guidance by the LCA reconciliation pastor for complicated

Care Team

Arrange functions for the elderly, co-ordinate meals for those in a crisis, transport to appointments and other emergency help where they can assist (e.g. baby sitting).

BCL Team Leaders

Under the model of a permission-giving leadership structure the governing body of the Portland-Heywood Lutheran Church is comprised of its ministry leaders. These leaders are responsible for caring for their team members.  

Greeters and Ushers

Play an important part in welcoming all members, but especially new members to worship and connecting them to other relevant people and groups in the congregation.

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