Portland-Heywood Lutheran Church

Drumborg Bible Study: 

A monthly bible study and discussion group primarily for members of the Heywood Lutheran church (but not exclusively) to help understand and apply biblical truths in their lives.  7:30pm - 3 weekly. Meets in Heywood. Mixed group. Leaders - Christine Mibus and Kim Sadler

Ladies Guild: 

A group of Lutheran women linking into the Australian Lutheran Women’s Guild, providing bible study for personal reflection, Christian discussion, and social entertainment for ladies. This group also provides a network of support for the women of the Portland and Heywood Lutheran Churches. 1:15pm - 1st Thursday of the month.  President - Florence Huf

Men's Fellowship: 

A group of mainly retired men, linking into the Australian Lutheran Men’s Fellowship, providing bible study, discussion, fellowship and support to men in the Lutheran Churches of Portland and Heywood. 11:00am Wednesday - Fortnightly. Leader -Barry Brunt

Men's Group: 

A group based on Proverbs 27:17 ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.’ A biblically based study, teaching and discussion group to give confidential support to men on life issues and problems. The group meetings include: 1) Confidential, challenging conversation 2) Social chats over good food and drink  Mixed age men's group (7:30pm 1st and 3rd Tuesdays). Leader - Peter Bunge and Ian Merrett  


Ladies bible study group. 7:30pm Meets every second Tuesday of school terms, does not meet in holidays. Consult weekly bulletin for location. Leader - Judi Bell and Michelle Broom


A fortnightly mixed group bible study group to discuss and learn more about biblical topics and enjoy good Christian fellowship.  (7:30pm Thursday - Fortnightly). Leaders - Kevin Peck / Heather Roll


Mainly couples group to grow in the knowledge of God in order to share his love with family and friends. To create a supportive friendly Christian environment for members. Consult bulletin for meeting times. Leader - Kevin & Judi Bell

Women of Worth (WOW): 

A ladies’ study to learn more about the bible, to discuss topical issues with a biblical perspective and to provide a form of discipleship, support and prayer for one another in a friendly context. 7:30pm Every other Thursday - not in school holidays. Consult bulletin for location. Leaders - Megan Bunge and Joylene Uebergang


The name means 'No Name' in South African! Couples group with varying bible studies and styles of study. Leaders and location alternate with school terms. 7.30pm every 2nd Thursday. Leader - Phil Ruge and rotating

Discussion and Fellowship   Prayer


Bible Study

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